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How The New Album Came About.

In the summer of 2015 John Marcangelo found some recordings he had made with Baz Dunnery back in 1975. As these recordings were on a multi track recorder we were able to take off Bazz’s guitar parts, clean and edit them so we could construct new songs. Frank Hall ,the original drummer with Necromandus would take care of the drum parts while the extremely talented Dean Newton was recruited on guitar. With Banjo Cunanan taking the bass duties together with former lead singer’s son John Branch on vocals and John Marcangelo on keyboards we had a complete band.

We didn’t know how it was going to work out because we wanted to keep the original Necromandus sound, but with Baz’s guitar parts on some of the tracks and John Branch sounding very close to his father, combined with the distinct Frank Hall drum sound, somehow we were able to recreate “that” sound!

Throughout the recordings we would all often refer to the three original members, Denis McCarten, Baz Dunnery & Billy Branch. Many amusing stories were told as most of us knew them very well, but would often question what we were doing, and ask “how would they have done this “ “what would they have played ” so even though they weren’t involved directly we were very much influenced by them and we think they would be very proud of the sound that we have achieved.

We recorded three songs from the original album and wrote eight brand new songs. We have used the authentic keyboard sounds from “73/74” era and Dean used Baz’s SG guitar on most of the tracks. We are at the moment in talks with several different companies in several countries and although we can’t give a release date at this time, we can confirm that as well as a CD the album will be available on vinyl and also as a download. There are some small extracts on this website so you can see & hear what we’ve been doing.

The Album is dedicated to the three original members of the band, Billy Branch, Baz Dunnery & Denis McCarten.

Bill Ward had a listen to one of the early rough mixes and this is what he had to say about it:

“I’ve just heard an mp3 rough mix of Necromandus, nostalgic, meaningful and seated classically in British rocks, tested and true foundations.
There’s an atmosphere about the song I heard that was haunting and refreshing. Very nice, I hope we’ll hear more of them.”

The band recording at The Music Farm Studio at Egremont in Cumbria.

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